One Nation Without God


Our nation stops: we collectively watch, we have opinions, we are frustrated, we protest, and we mourn.

In the wake of the past week's tragedies of police officers shooting innocent people and individuals shooting innocent police, this once proud "one nation under God" is rapidly being replaced by "one nation without God!"

Unless followers of Jesus accept our biblical mandate to make the love and life of Jesus Christ known to all people, in every race and generation, we will continue our spiral into chaos.  We are failing in the work that makes our faith the essential conduit of change in a nation that cries out for a resurrection.   

As followers of Jesus, as Christians, we should speak with a clear voice in America, a voice that has been quiet far too long. We must speak the words of lament, of repentance, brokenness and above all, word of humble prayer.  Our leaders, and those who aspire to lead, often divide us with speech that induces fear and accusation toward those who think or look differently.    At the time of our nation's birth, our founding fathers implored citizens toward prayer as they sought the Almighty's direction. Later our leaders would show our submission to God's sovereignty with the phrase,  "One nation under God!"

Many will refute the call for repentance and prayer with the rationale that "We are not a theocracy that is to be led by deity; we are a democracy which is lead by us, the people."  Yes, America is not a theocracy, but America has seen great, past victories when the people of this nation united under one divine promise:

"If My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land."*

Followers of Jesus, it is time for changes in our own hearts, the hearts of God's people and God's church.  The only "talking head" we must be dialed into during this painful season is the voice of God's Spirit, changing the hearts of His people.   

When your pastor calls you to pray, let the first prayer be, "Search my heart, God, and show me my wicked ways so that I can repent." Our next prayer can be,  "As you heal my life,  please heal our land!"  Followers of Jesus, keep praying for our great nation, asking God for His patience as He waits for His people to call on His name!

Photo by Alexey_R/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Alexey_R/iStock / Getty Images