Pastor Larry is a shepherd to a shepherd. As a young pastor, when I immediately faced the overwhelming pressures of leading a church through transition and into God’s fresh vision, Pastor Larry was a guiding presence. His openness and vulnerability in sharing his decades of pastoral experience has been a life preserver at times when I felt like I was drowning. Probably the most impacting was his warmth and authenticity that showed me that real human beings can live out this calling.
— Robey Barnes, Lead Pastor, West Pines Community Church

Faith Foundry's Coaching Journey is a year-long coaching relationship, tailored for early career pastors who currently lead a congregation.  Each pastor is engaged in regular coaching consultations with Larry Thompson, covering a broad range of practical topics and current issues.

Coaching pods and on-site visits (to the pastor’s church) add dimension to the experience. Other invaluable aspects of the Coaching Journey are consults with leading professionals from a wide range of disciplines and a study tour in Israel. 

“My work is coaching a small group of pastors each year. Investing in emerging leaders is a great privilege, as they face an increasingly complex world.” -Larry Thompson

Faith Foundry's Coaching Journey is partially underwritten by the generous donations of contributors who embrace and support the church’s influence in our culture. 

Contact us for an application and more details on the Coaching Journey.