Remember and observe...

Shabbat is a special 25 hours in Israel. From sundown on Fridays until sundown on Saturdays + one hour, many Israelis celebrate Shabbat. Businesses close, work ceases, families spend time together, candles are lit, special meals are shared. 

Jerusalem is especially observant of Shabbat and a quiet peacefulness settles over the city for the holy day. As Shabbat begins, the mother of the home lights two candles representing “Remember” and “Observe” the Sabbath, (as commanded in the Scriptures) and prays a blessing over the sabbath. 

On this day, friends and family greet one another with “Shabbat Shalom”, wishing one another a peaceful sabbath rest. Many pray at the Western Wall before a special family meal. Braided challah bread is eaten to represent the specialness of this day. Families walk to their local synagogue for services
on Saturday mornings.

Shabbat is one of our favorite times in Israel and we believe our nation and our churches would be blessed by a purer observance of a day of worship. May you have shabbat shalom in your life this week!